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Bastian Bauer currently works as a Senior Security Consultant for one of the leading IT security consulting companies in Germany. Among his main tasks are penetration testing and security audits.

The path to IT security

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology majoring in media. Early on I focused on the more technical topics like programming, algorithms and cryptography.

The first few years of my professional career I worked as a consulting software developer for several government projects, logistics companies and companies in the automotive industry. Soon I realized that it’s more fun to explore other people’s software to find security vulnerabilities. So over the next few weeks and months I read everything I could find on IT security, took part in trainings and obtained my first certificates. To live out my passion for hacking not only privately but also professionally was the next logical step for me. Since then, I have never regretted my decision to switch from software development to IT security.

More than a computer scientist

Besides the world of bits and bytes I am also a great admirer of Self Improvement, a frugal lifestyle and exercise.

I enjoy learning and experience new adventures every day. Friends and family play a crucial role. I am looking forward to every new contact and opportunity to exchange ideas on interesting topics.

Together with my girlfriend, the dachshund lady Maya and the Doberman Bambi, I live in an idyllic suburb of Franconia’s secret capital Bamberg.